Second Chance Project

Charity Reg: SC037825


'We want to help you on your Road to Recovery'


The Second Chance Project is a structured day treatment programme for people with drug and/or alcohol problems by providing high quality, abstinence-based treatment options which integrate 12-Step Recovery Programmes, CBT and other appropriate therapies.


The project aims to provide people with purposeful recovery by securing and supporting their alcohol/drug free life and also in developing personally rewarding structured training, counselling and self-help, which will provide real benefit to them, their families and the community.

The Values of the Second Chance Project are:

'Strength, encouragement and confidence to open new doors'



Striving - To give individuals the tools to change their life. To improve communities by empowering individuals to realise their full potential and be part of their communities as a productive member of society.


Encouragement - Through positive examples ‘if we can do it, so can you.’  Through honesty, empathy, caring, listening and understanding.


Commitment - We endeavour to be consistent in all our affairs and give a high level of service to all our programme participants.


Open-mindedness- We will support people to look at their belief systems and find out if they are healthy or unhealthy and look at ways of changing the unhealthy.  Through experiencing positive altruistic action one’s belief will change.


New Spirit - Will be found by increased self-esteem, self-respect, self-confidence and self worth. To have a renewed sense of purpose, increased personal responsibility and concern for others.


Dignity/Diversity - An environment that views diversity as a strength. Respects all races, gender, religions and sexual orientations.  Become united in Recovery and to be inclusive rather than exclusive.  Getting in touch with your own morals and values.